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Transpire: Transgender Cancer Patient Anthology - Edited by Charlie and Roman, Illustrated by Van Binfa

A compilation of art and writing by trans cancer patients, including those with brain cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, ewing sarcoma, hodgkins lymphoma, ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, and uterine cancer.


Author: Lex Rivers (she/her), ocular (uveal) melanoma

Cancerous Me

In "cancerous me" Lex shares commentary and poetry related to her experiences as a young adult cancer patient.

Cancerous Me E-zine.PDF

Author: Roman Ruddick (they/them), ovarian cancer

Now What

A story and collage about being a young ovarian cancer patient.


Sharks Get Cancer

A mini zine about being a young adult cancer patient.

By Roman Ruddick

Sharks Get Cancer PDF.pdf

Pocket Guide

A mini zine about using gender neutral language in healthcare settings.

By Roman Ruddick

Pocket Guide PDF.pdf

Author: Charlie Manzano (he/him), melanoma


A comic about a new friendship with a fellow disfigured trans facial melanoma patient.

Melahomos Zine PDF.pdf

How to Talk to Me

A guide for talking to the cancer patient in your life.

How to talk to me.pdf

The Real

A poetry/collage piece on having a cancer related facial disfigurement.

The Real.pdf

It Was Never About Climbing Mountains

A poem about cancer patient expectations.

It Was Never About Climbing Mountains READ.pdf

Fill In The Blank

A mini zine about the micro-aggressions one faces as a cancer patient and as a trans person, and as both.

Fill In The Blank PDF.pdf

Cancer Has No Gender

A mini zine about being trans and going with my partner to get a breast exam.

Cancer Has No Gender (pictures) PDF.pdf