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All zines here are written by transgender cancer patients. Click zine titles or images to open PDFs. 

If you are interested in making a zine for, or putting zines you've already made into this library please contact us for more info. We are ALWAYS happy and excited to meet new trans cancer zinesters and share work / ideas / help get folks started with making zines!

Zines by: Lex Rivers (she/her), 

ocular (uveal) melanoma

Find more on Instagram @_salty.lex, on Deviant Art @Salty-Lex, and at radicallydisfigured.com 

Lex passed away on October 13th, 2022. Lex was a very passionate oncology nurse, ex-moonie activist, poet, and zinester from Oakland California. You can find her zines here in the library, buy her zines in the "Shop" tab, and read her article posted in the LA Times here.

Zines by: Roman Ruddick (they/them), ovarian cancer

Find more on Instagram @times_knew_roman