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Cancerous Me

In "cancerous me" Lex shares commentary and poetry related to her experiences as a young adult cancer patient.

By Lex Rivers

Cancerous Me E-zine.PDF

Transpire: Transgender Cancer Patient Anthology

A compilation of experiences by trans cancer patients.

Edited by Roman Ruddick and Charlie Manzano

Illustrated by Van Binfa


Now What

A story and collage about being a young ovarian cancer patient.

By Roman Ruddick


How to Talk to Me

A guide for talking to the cancer patient in your life.

By Charlie Manzano

How to talk to me.pdf


A comic about a new friendship with a fellow disfigured trans facial melanoma patient.

By Charlie Manzano

Melahomos Zine PDF.pdf

The Real

A poetry/collage piece on having a cancer related facial disfigurement.

By Charlie Manzano

The Real.pdf

It Was Never About Climbing Mountains

A poem about cancer patient expectations.

By Charlie Manzano

It Was Never About Climbing Mountains READ.pdf

Mini Zines

Sharks Get Cancer

A comic about being a young adult cancer patient.

By Roman Ruddick

Sharks Get Cancer PDF.pdf

Pocket Guide

About using gender neutral language in healthcare settings.

By Roman Ruddick

Pocket Guide PDF.pdf

Fill In The Blank

About the micro-aggression's one faces as a cancer patient and as a trans person, and as both.

By Charlie Manzano

Fill In The Blank PDF.pdf

Cancer Has No Gender

A comic about being trans and going with my partner to get a breast exam.

By Charlie Manzano

Cancer Has No Gender (pictures) PDF.pdf